The Chromaglass Advantage

Chromaglass manufactures clear and colored custom industrial glassware.

Superior Customer Service

Our flexible approach to customer service consistently exceeds customer expectations. We provide timely and attentive service to solving design, quality or delivery issues in a friendly and cost-effective manner.

Knowledgeable Experts and Skilled Craftsmen

When working with Chromaglass, you will deal directly with highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel and craftsmen with decades of experience. The glass molding process combines engineering, science, craftsmanship and artistry. Whether covering aircraft lighting, airfield lighting units, railroad signals, as sight glasses or protective housing units to shield equipment from the elements, seasoned Chromaglass staff understand the advantages and limitations of glass for industrial applications. We will quickly comprehend your situation and offer a straightforward solution.

Modern Equipment

Glass molding is a very old, well-developed and documented process. Many of the technologies are over a century old and remain vital to today’s process. Chromaglass has retained those aspects but uses state-of-the-art equipment, which brings the old-world methods into the 21st century. The intent is to modernize wherever possible, improving the quality and creating manufacturing efficiencies that control costs. We then pass those cost savings onto our Chromaglass customers. The result is high quality glass parts, at the most reasonable prices in the industry.